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    My name is Stefanie Bova, the Owner & Creator of Bova Fitt. I'm a Certified Personal Trainer and a Certified Nutritionist. I am 31  years old, grew up in Southern California and Las Vegas, Nevada, began my fitness journey back in 2012 as a New Years Resolution and have been on it since. You might be thinking, “Here's another online fitness person. Let’s see what they’re about.” I completely understand any concern because there are many personal trainers out there and it can be difficult to find one you like. 


    At my heaviest, I was 165 lbs and was encountering painful stomach issues. After a few tests, my doctor said the biopsies didn’t show anything so it might be stress related. I knew it couldn’t just be that, I knew there had to be something else. As my New Years Resolution in 2012, I wanted to begin living a healthier life and wanted to be 130 lbs for my 21st Birthday. I successfully reached that goal by changing my eating style to eating clean, working out, and surrounded myself with people who made working out a priority in their lives as well. Along with physical improvement, I discovered how much healthy eating habits and exercise positively impacted my mental health. 


    In 2014, I was in a car accident where I almost lost my right foot. Since then I've had 5 ankle surgeries, the last one being an ankle fusion in 2017. I made a commitment to myself throughout those numerous weeks of recovery and healing, to not stop working out and eating clean. I found rides to the gym, worked out with crutches and a cast, trying my best with what I could do. Every time I learned how to walk again, I was so grateful that I never gave up on my passion. To this day, I randomly undergo extreme pain. The days I'm pain free, I seize that opportunity  to work out because it's such a privilege to do so.


    A fitness journey is simply that, a journey. There are going to be good days and there are going to be bad days. There are going to be days where you're on track and there will be days where you might want to stop. I yo-yoed a lot with my weight during this journey by not maintaining my goals and refreshening them. Everyday is a new start to try again and to keep on going. There are many things in life we cannot control; however, we can control how we prioritize our overall wellbeing. I'm not in this business to promote an ideal physical look, to look good for others, etc. I do this is to teach others how to maintain their health & wellness by incorporating an active lifestyle, resources to better their mental health, and consuming a balanced diet.


Because if I can do it, so can you!



                                                                               Stefanie Bova  


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