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Certified Nutritionist
International Sports Sciences Association

Meal Plan Programs are 3 month commitments.
You can purchase on its own or include it through any of our other Programs & Online Coaching.

After 3 months, month to month is available.

Meal Plan Program

Meal Plans are strategies created to map out what you're going to eat per meal. Our Meal Plan Program outlines different meals to correlate to your day’s workout & activity level per day per Month. Coach Bova creates Monthly Meal Plans for overall wellness i.e. consuming a well balanced diet.* 


As with all our other programs, each approach and strategy is truly customized to each client based off their Intake Forms & Body Composition Results. One approach may work well for one client; yet, does not work well for another. For Meal Plan Programs specifically, Coach Bova provides an online survey to get to know you better in addition to learning foods you like or don’t like, allergies, etc. 


Monthly Meal Plans include:

Customized Monthly Meal Plan Program based on your current fitness & mobility level.


Daily Meals & Snacks. Each meal/snack will have a Recipe with grams and percentages per Macronutrient i.e. Fats, Carbohydrates, and Protein. Calculations are by using the metrics of your Body Composition, Weight, and fitness goal.


Nutrition Tracking and access to our Recipe Database. 


Nutrition Lessons. Coach teaches you about healthier food selections, tips on how to eat out at restaurants, grocery shopping, answering any questions you have about healthy food to your liking.


Weekly Body Composition testing. Using the Advanced Whole Body Composition Measurement leading in the Medical and Fitness Industry, In Body Analyzer.


Exclusive Access to the Bova Fitt App. Only Bova Fitt Clients can have an account.


Daily Chat Access. Daily Messaging with for following up or questions might have in between Weekly Coaching Call.


Option to participate in the App Community Group for Daily Motivation & Encouragement.


Weekly Coaching Call up to 30 minutes (Zoom or Phone Call)

What to expect: 

1st half of call is Progress Check In. Review what did and didn’t work well, review body composition and physical measurements. 


2nd half of the call is Mindset and Behavior change. We dive deep on any mental hurdles, how to overcome them and what behaviors can be replaced with healthier ones.


Gym Accessory Recommendations


Supplement Recommendations*


* Coach Bova does not create Meal Plans for treatment of illnesses, diseases, health conditions nor Medical Nutrition Therapy. Medical Nutrition Therapy is essentially treatment for a disease/illness through nutrition. If you are looking to purchase a meal plan for any of the above, consult your physician or healthcare provider to seek out a referral to a Registered Dietitian. If you do have a preexisting medical condition and/or take medication, consult your physician or healthcare provider before beginning any nutrition or exercise program.


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